The concentration of a perfume is the percentage of pure fragrance oil to stabilizing ingredients, which determines lasting power.
Pure Perfume: At 15 to 30 percent perfume oil, this is the most potent concentration. You may only need to reapply once throughout the day.
Eau de Parfum (EDP): At eight to 15 percent perfume oil, this popular choice allows you to switch fragrances from day to evening. You may only need to reapply twice a day.
Eau de Toilette (EDT): At four to eight percent perfume oil, this common concentration can be applied liberally throughout the day, which allows you to switch your scent as often as your lip color!

Advice from the pros for longer wear.
Keep Moisturized: Moisturized skin will help lock in a scent. Try layering with a body lotion or oil. Body products with the same scent are known as ancillaries and increase lasting power.
Where to spray perfume: Spray on pulse points, décolleté, and behind the knees. Spritz or dab, but don’t rub; rubbing breaks down the scent molecule and may cause it to fade faster.
Touch up on the go: Carry a rollerball or travel spray to refresh throughout the day. If your favorite scent isn’t available in travel size, try a refillable atomizer from Sephora Collection>


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